A Little Bit Of Spanish Sunshine

Just to mix things up a little bit and prove I am in fact not always a miserable bastard, I wanted to share with anyone daft enough to read my little rants, the thing that ultimately brings the biggest laugh to our house at the most totally inappropriate time.
Usually far too late at night just to ensure the neighbours hate me a little more than they must already, somehow the three of us, my bend and I, end up in my room watching YouTube.
My little human will inevitably fall fast asleep within minutes, occasionally she will jump out of her slumber shouting something about farting and then just cause I am a fabulous mother, usually there will be a completely inappropriate conversation thrown in with my biggest bean. These chats always end up with me in need of an oxygen tank because my teenager is completely hilarious.
Her sense of humour, however good it is during the rest of the day ramps up a scale when we are meant to be simmering down.
I have a habit of watching conspiracy theory videos or something about ufos and completely freaking myself out for the duration of the day, but when I need to relax after another shit day, the bad moods, anxiety or a depressive bout that cover everything with a miserable tinge, I will resort to one tried and tested remedy for picking up the mood of the whole household.
A friend from school, who I have kept in touch with started her own YouTube channel when she had her first daughter, (she’s about to spit out her third fairly soon) and she wanted to keep a visual diary of her journey as a mum, of her family and the twists and turns they have taken along the way.
Lou moved to Spain so long ago I can’t remember when it was but I know my life is a little less rich because she’s not here. Or it was until she introduces me to her channel. It’s hilarious.
The girl is hilarious.
I’ve never met her husband but the humour that dives out of my tv while watching the tag videos, the pregnancy updates and the whacky things that they both get up to is tangible. It’s there in the room with you.
(Their accent challenge is totally not to be missed.)
We really are living in this mental world where everything is dominated by the tv, internet and social media platforms and a lot of the time I really do think that the wealth of info and opinions we have at the touch of a button is a huge factor in the mental health issues so many of us have now.
We are so busy watching and reading or listening to what other people are achieving, how happy they are or how they tell us we should be. Other people’s opinions are pushed on us from all directions and in the case of bullying or trolling, there’s no escape from it.
But in the jungle of shite that I plough through every day, Lou gives an honest, funny, balanced account of life.
She's a mum and a wife, her family are dispersed all over the world really and living in Spain she has a totally different life to the one I have, but I can identify with her so much. She is a little bit of Spanish Sunshine in this sad shitty world. Watching her videos, that she puts together because it is her passion, is so amazing to see.
Watching her life unfold without it being pimped up to get views, or to make it seem better than it is, is a huge reminder that even when you’re stressed when life is smacking you in the face and trying to grind you down there is always time for a laugh. There is always time for your passion to shine through. For success.
The fact she is now making a little bit of money from her hobby, her passion, is amazing. She is more successful than she thinks she is, but not because she’s recently had her first cheque for the content she posts.
But because if she saves my life on a regular basis, then she has to be doing the same for so many other people.
The girl is a hobbit-sized, walking bundle of love and energy. It’s so infectious.
After the last few days of essentially hitting the deck and really feeling, rightly or wrongly,  a little betrayed, a lot angry and huge amount stressed, to sit down and watch this complete firework just reel off what has been going down in her life, is better than any medication.
We all know that laughing is good for the soul and it’s something I honestly can’t debate otherwise.
I can't speak Spanish to save my life but watching her videos in Spanish really need no understanding of the language. She becomes so animated when she is speaking in her second language that you just don’t care if she’s talking about pig sex (which I’m the nutter has done in her channel FYI) it’s just to see and feel the energy firing off her.
And her life isn’t all hearts and flowers, she has suffered her own mental health battles, she still suffers some of the effects of a teenage eating disorder all these years on, she lives away from her family and her husbands family. She is at home with two toddlers which are enough to push Mother T over the edge, and now she has another one on the way. She is trying to establish new routines and boundaries and all the depressing shit we have to do when we aim to be responsible adults.
She lets you into the emotions that come with the ups and downs of her life and that’s almost part of the magic.
She has no filter, she’s inappropriate and outrageous but she has this massive heart and quite frankly I don’t see that too often anymore in so many people. She just hasn’t changed since I first became friends with her 20 years ago.
Make no mistakes she’s not a stupid girl either, while I watch her focus on her job as a mum it’s easy to forget this girl has smashed through uni, carved a life working in a foreign country and managed to get into and sustain a relationship and marriage with someone as batshit crazy as she is. That takes skill, it takes intellect and determination.
Her mum is super successful and Lou so obviously takes that side off her mum. She’s not as fierce in her aim to build an empire, but no matter what is thrown at this girl she always sees the bright side.
Tonight watching more of her videos was a reminder that being slightly isolated from the hustle and bustle of friendships, or lots of people and just focusing on our own family, on our partners (if I have one 🙄) and on what we want from our lives doesn’t have to be achieved by relying on anyone else. It’s the key to actually getting through the hurdles and the mental health assault course so many of us are on.
Her channel is simply,
Louisa Dubikas,
and maybe not every video will make you laugh, some may not be your cup of tea but I challenge anyone to watch them and not laugh out loud, to not feel like the struggles aren’t as awful as they seemed ten minutes ago.
As much as I hate the technological age we live in just now (she says typing on an iPad) it does have its advantages if you know where to look.
Looking for Louisa is a remedy well worth trying before you hit the meds that will level you out that you’ve been trying so hard to stay off, worse still the meds that some of you will want to take in one go to make the hurt or stress just stop.
Look her up, have a dose of Dubikas, a little bit of Spanish Sunshine, then get back to me and tell me you don’t feel better than you did the first time you smoked weed and realised it gave you the giggles and the munchies.
With Lou, you get both for free!
Thank you, Louisa, for being a constant reminder that no matter how far away you may be, no matter how old or busy you get, you are always here for me.
You are saving lives from your hobby, a passion that you're so good at, you don’t realise how successful you are at doing it.
From the girls and I.
We love you.
L x
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