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I intend for this to be a short blog entry but I can go on so, bare with me.
At the weekend after Soffy left a lovely comment on my 16 Year postpartum update, I went over and checked out her page, and I loved what I was reading.
Soffy writes so beautifully on her page themumaffairs and like me, she's new to the blogging world. Two things struck me after reading Soffys latest post. Firstly, how professional her page looked: I was so well presented it made me rethink how I gave mine laid out in such a lazy manner, (still on my 'Must fix' list.)
the second was something I really learned early on in my blog life. Bloggers are the nicest people. After thanking Soffy and then going on to chat with her a little it was a lovely reminder that this community that I have emersed myself in is such a friendly one and maybe this is where I really need to take more advantage of that.
I'm sure I've had a good moan in the past about how all my friends are busy with their lives and sometimes I do find myself wondering where that leaves me.
With the teenage human dropping the idea on my lap that she would like to go away to uni, rather than do the commute that I just assumed she would do, it has made me realize she is going to be gone from my day to day life a lot sooner than i had really anticipated. My smallest bean is only 8 but she already has a fairly good social life as well as spending time with her dad.
As much as my slightly bruised heart is at the thought of my girls not being around so much, my motherly brain tells me that I have to let them live their lives and stop being so selfish.
Part of doing that is to learn to stop relying on just being a mum and start learning how to be me again.
I know that I liked the person I was once upon a time and I can only assume that person is still inside me somewhere, just older and hopefully a little wiser.
Getting back to being a functioning person again isn't going to be totally easy especially with so many of my friends moving on in their lives, but this is where this new life of blogging could be so much more than just an outlet to my thoughts.
It could be where I really start to make new friends, have new ideas and learn to look at new things I'd like to achieve with my life.
So thank you Soffy, for opening my eyes that little bit wider to the world I want to be in and the people that will undoubtedly make it better than trying to do it alone.
You can find Soffy on Twitter and Instagram or even better just follow her Blog and make a new friend.
L xx


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