Branching Out On The Feel-Good Factor.

I never intended to use my blog page, Tumblr or Twitter pages to talk about health and beauty, dieting etc. But over the last few months, navigating through my mental health journey, it’s becoming more and more apparent that staying mentally well does actually include all of these things.
What I eat is having an effect on my moods, tummy troubles and my sleep routine.
Not to mention the fact I feel like a whale with every bit of weight I am starting to pile back on.
Taking time out of my day to make sure that I am doing little things that, In all honesty, I’ve never bothered about before is making me feel better about myself. Partly from the inside out and I’m not ashamed to say from the outside in as well. That may be superficial, but only to an extent. I am by no means spending hours a day putting makeup on or shaving my legs as soon I can feel the man hair starting. I’m
Really not that self-indulgent or girly.
I am however really feeling the difference between just doing the odd little thing here and there.
Last week I spoke about my Birchbox and the fun and games we have had since it arrived, which has been daily. Mainly due to me pinching the products, the teenager took to have a shot off and then being screamed at to stop taking her things.
My Elemis cleansing balm, however, was a gift I was given for a birthday and although I loved the smell I really didn’t know what to do with it.
Recently I’ve rectified that and not only am I enjoying the smell (and the ten mins I spend kicking back and doing some deep breathing) but once a week, I use the balm, rubbing it in with a little facial massage for a bit, let it do its magic work and then take a warm cloth and cleanse it off.
I would never have spent money on a product like this myself, opting for the cheap and cheerful options in Superdrug or Tesco, but now I have used this pot of magic I absolutely will, without a doubt be buying another pot when this one is finished.
My skin feels amazing after an application, it’s so soft, not to mention just feels very gently toned.
I’m in my 30s, I’ve ruined my body with drink, the odd dabble in my younger years with drugs and too many late nights and stresses I’ve taken on. I’ve spent time focusing on trying to fix other people and help them with their problems, leaving my emotional and mental health really poor.
That is something that will always be up and down, something I’ll always have to fight to stay on top of. But these little things for me, not my kids or anyone else are really helping to boost my mood and my confidence.
For a good few years I was trying to fight to get back who I used to be and the life I used to lead.
Now that I have taken a step away from wanting to get back who I was and started to embrace who I am, Thehalfshilling, I feel like maybe things can be managed better, and touch wood just is a little bit happier in my own skin.
(Which FYI, is super glowy tonight)

L x


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