When I received a lovely comment on my page from Soffy, it brought me over to hers where I found her #DearDaughter guest post. I decided I would love to contribute, after doing my Dear Future Husband a couple of weeks ago this one felt very fitting to continue with this great idea. Soooo......
Dear Daughters,
You each have a half of my heart, so it felt only right to say these words to you both.
The most important thing you should know is how special you both are. Our journey so far hasn't been easy by any stretch, my health has caused us all to suffer dark days and you both survive these days beautifully. With grace and empathy, strength and hope. These days of darkness in our house never last long, and that is because of you two. The laughter, the achievements, the hugs and pride you bring to my life work better than any medication I could take. For this, I am thankful every day. We are a team, a tribe. We just fit.
Neither of you were brought into this world traditionally, with each pregnancy test bringing uncertainty and fear of the unknown. What I didn't know then was that there was nothing to fear, you would each become my greatest success.
You would teach me lessons I never believed I'd have to think about, navigate your own way through harder times than any children should really have to face. The strength in you both makes me strong. Proud. Brave.
The happiest moments I've ever had are the days I watch you together. When big sister takes little sister and shows her all the things she needs to learn. The stuff I am too old to make cool enough to teach. How to spray her perfume just the right amount, how to put her makeup on and the easiest way to do sums I don't understand.
When little sister watches big sister with eyes of adoration.
The love you have for one another is a gift. Don't ever lose that. Don't ever forget how strong the bond is that you share. I always wanted a sister and now I get to experience what it would have been like by watching what you have together. Now.....
To big sister, my first born human,
There are lessons I now need to pass on to you, ones that you will not listen to but that you will use when the time comes.
School is hard, but everything worthwhile in life is. Persevere through those shitty days, it will be worth it, always.
You must never believe that any boy is too good for you, never make the mistakes I have made before you, if you do not learn to love yourself then you will never allow anyone else to love you the way you deserve.
Enjoy every minute of being young, being in a rush to grow seems exciting now but being grown brings responsibilities that can wait. Who wants to pay a tv license anyway?!
Learn to be motivated, you are genetically lazy, fight the instinct to leave a mess at you're backside, make the effort to find some get up and go, or as you know it won't fair well for the future.
Ask questions of Gran and Grandad, I wish I had asked my grandparents more about who they were and cherished the short time you have with them. Life is not forever and what is left behind last so much longer.
Never lose your humour, you are the funniest person I know, and laughter heals so many wounds.
Always remember, when you hate me for ruining your plans, that you will not always feel this way, for we have always been more than Mother and child, you have been my rock and best friend from the day you came into this world. More importantly never doubt your worth, because you are worth more than every star in the sky my darling.
Now little sister, my beautiful sweetheart, what many would now call a rainbow, you are to me more than that. You are the sun!
Where do I begin with you huh? Your relatively short time here so far has been met with more hurdles than I've been able to fix for you, but just as sissy before you, you have the strength of ten men. You have conquered every rubbish thing life has thrown at you and you are still so kind, thoughtful and give the best hugs I could ask for.
Always be just as kind as you are today my angel, because that is one of your best qualities. You have the most beautiful heart.
Stop feeling like you aren't as important as sissy, because you are, you have always been. From the moment I knew you were on the way, my heart grew to twice the size, with one half for sissy and the other for you. Equal. For always.
When your school work is a struggle, don't give up. You may not know it now but you are you were passed down the genetics to become the best at whatever you do, you just have to use your powers for good, not evil. (Like Harry Potter)
On the topic of our friend Harry, your love of books will also take you far, never stop reading and never stop believing in the magic of daydreaming. It will save your adult days more than I can tell you.
You are destined for great things my love, you just have to keep trying and they will come your way easily.
The time I have to have away from you is always a bittersweet time, I love that you have the best time with dad and when you are older you will understand how important that time is and the things he has sacrificed to be the best dad he can be for you. When the arguing between him and I flared up, which I'm sure it will again at some time, you must always keep in mind that it's never been anything you have done, it is because we are both grumpy shits with short patience. On the flip side of that, you should also know that I have never been more proud of another adult human than I have been of him and the journey he has been on.
Your love of being outside reminds me so much of my childhood, watching you on your bike and climbing trees makes me beam with joy because I know the memories you are making. And they are wonderful.
Now back to you both.
The love I have for you little humans is so completely overwhelming I could never find the words to convey it properly, but you have saved my life so many times just by being here. I couldn't have wished for two more amazingly beautiful and difficult children if I'd designed you from head to toe.
I am forever grateful, forever in love and forever yours,
Mum x

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