Exciting times!!!!
Yesterday was a pretty horrendous mood day all around. Cried a lot, moaned a lot and generally had a pity party.
Hormonal woman alert!!
But……there’s my favourite word when I got home there was a huge package inside the door. Rolling my eyes I’m thinking what the hell have I ordered now!! I chose to grab dinner, (a fatty, fried, heaped plate of crap) before even thinking about opening the box.
That right there was a fairly good indication I wasn’t quite myself. Deliveries make me so happy! It’s like Xmas, even if you know what’s in it!
After stuffing my face, while bubbling about the fact the only comfort of had all day was eating this shit food which will probably add another 3lb to the scales and make me feel ill for the rest of the night!
I opened the cardboard and found this huge red box inside.
For a split second, I thought I’d opened a parcel for one of the neighbours. But no!!! I opened it up to find some amazing gluten-free goodies to try.
After reading a blog another girl had written a couple of weeks back I thought it couldn’t hurt to approach some companies who might want to work alongside me.
I try their products, basically anything that would help improve any aspect of my poor health and then I can share my experiences with all of you guys.
I’ve said before it’s a holistic process.
It’s getting out, doing things I normally couldn’t manage, especially with the kids or my family. The people I don’t get experiences with because outside is scary.
It’s making the effort with my appearance, my skin which breaks out because of hormones or my bad diet. Trying to put together an outfit that flatters my overweight body.
My health is fairly complex so I haven’t and most likely won’t get round to moaning about all of it. (Or maybe I will cause I love a moan)
But generally eating gluten products causes me to bloat, it sets off a whole chain of tummy events I am exhausted dealing with.
Problems that stop me doing things I’d love to do.
Running to the toilet while trying to date, for example, isn’t gonna get you the guy. It’s not attractive.
But because I am not coeliac, I don’t qualify for a prescription for basic gluten free bread etc. I am meant to follow a Low Fodmap diet, which is basically no gluten or dairy.
I am not, however, a rabbit, I want to follow these helpful tips and advice from the GP but a massive issue is finding things that a) taste nice without the gluten part and b) finding affordable products. I have a small business and don’t bring in a lot of money and it’s ridiculous but being unhealthy seems to be the cheaper option.
When I opened my box from Schar yesterday which was packaged so nicely and came with a lovely note from Alex it changed my day around. New things to try and experiment with and there were three really cool little recipe cards.
I have sampled a little Oreo style biscuit for morning snack today and am so looking forward to trying the other things. Trying to make the recipes in the cards as well.
I will do a full follow up of what arrived in my gift box and how I found it all but I just wanted to say thanks to Alex and the guys at Schar for being so kind as to take the leap and work with a totally lowkey, unknown blogger. I am just starting out on my writing journey. I’m just working through my mental health journey and I don’t have a huge following, I may never have a huge following but for a massive company to take that chance is massively flattering and just goes to show not every company is all about dragging every penny they can.
It shows they care about the people who are buying their products. They want them to have things that can help with their health and will be.
So before I have even dived into the products, Schar you have a customer in me.
Have a healthy Sunday
L x


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