Little Treats Make a HUGE Difference!

My monthly treat arrived the other day. Even better it was a 2 for 1 offer so twice the goodies.
Of course, my little beans had to get in on the action so my haul was halved.
I’ve never been one for products or makeup or even nice clothes, I’ve always been a plain Jane and since having the littlest human definitely don’t make near as much effort with myself as I should.
This year has been the most taxing, emotional and painful year I’ve had to date. Living with chronic pain has without a doubt made my mental health so much worse.
Over the last couple of months though, I have realised that looking after myself really helps lift my mood.
When I’ve been run down, having to take more painkillers or not sleeping, my skin breaks out, I turn automatically to the sugary and fat food and put on weight rapidly and that in turn makes the pain I have worse and makes me strip about like I’m 13 because my clothes look shit and don’t fit.
The days I force myself to put together a reasonably doesn’t outfit, fix my hair and put my make up on really does help my mood.
Some days even as I’m leaving the house I don’t feel good, I’m angry or pissed at someone, I feel disgusting, useless…….whatever other things you feel when you suffer from poor mental health.
But then, because I’ve made that bit effort and people are so used to seeing me look like a drug addict on the brink of falling off the twig, they comment.
They say wow you're looking nice today, or how are you keeping your looking well.
Yeah ok, it’s a shameless self-indulgence to feel better through compliments but straight away my mood lifts.
I feel like I’m glad I got up this morning. Glad I made the effort to look a bit better. Glad I put my favourite face mask on last night that helped my skin.
The last couple of months really have shown me that keeping good mental health, particularly when you refuse to take medication like I have, is a holistic process. It takes a bit of everything to make you feel good.
A day with the kids, cooking a nice dinner, having a walk or washing your hair.
And it might be superficial, it might be a waste of money I don’t really have but my little treats, like my Tisserand oil and my monthly Birchbox, have really helped with that daily battle,
Apart from the obvious benefits of what I’m getting in my box, one of the best bits is getting my box.
When ours arrived this week I was like a kid a t Xmas, calling the girls down and opening them up. The three of us sitting smelling the products and bickering about who was having what.
It was a little half an hour of family time, laughing and having a chat about how I am still completely useless at applying makeup and my biggest human bean giving me tips on how to use the contour stick that I managed to swipe.
The little things that lift my mood, bring the three of us together, the girls and I, is worth every penny.
Treat yourself, do something nice, but something nice, take 20 mins to yourself to recharge.
It’s worth it to have good bits in a day that otherwise might have just been miserable.

*Non sponsored link here, just treat yourself @ Birchbox


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