The Beginning of the End Of another Hurricane...

While I sit comforting my 8-year-old who has clearly taken on all the anxieties I have carried since she was born, I felt guilty.
So, I am writing.
While we are being hit by the beginning of the end of another hurricane, that started far away, it’s struck me how lucky we actually have been here in the UK to avoid things like this when other places around the world are hit by disaster almost monthly, or more.
The sickening reality of what has happened in America recently, with people dead and others dying as a result of these disasters, it’s not being reported to its full horrors. It isn’t something that the news really wants to show the in-depth nitty gritty horror of.
And again I am left feeling guilty.
Because I am glad.
I am glad that my already anxious child doesn’t see the true evil the planet has to unleash on others. As much as I want my children to grow up with an in-built empathy, I want their childhood to be as free from suffering as possible.
To say that when children have died, are without water or living in a country ruled by Donald Trump and realistically
Agencies and powers that are far more dangerous and deadly than he has the brains to be, makes me feel like an awful person.
But I don’t just want to protect them from the end of this hurricane that’s growing louder outside, the hurricane that started somewhere else.
I want to protect them from feeling as scared about life as I do so often.
I’ve had so any hurricanes hit me, clearly metaphorical ones, but the ones that hit me hardest, are the ones where the debris that flies from me hits them.
My 8-year-old shouldn’t carry the burden of others, not even mine. She should be able to grow up to be scared of the things she finds scary.
Not the things she has been taught to fear.
I am so lucky that the empathy I want my children to have seems to be built into their DNA because this weekend the littlest of my humans followed in her sisters footsteps and she donated a huge amount of her hair to be made into a wig for a child who has lost theirs through treatments to try and save or prolong their lives.
Lives that may be over far too soon.
That’s two manes of hair we have given. They have given, in the name of wanting to help others.
I hope that the empathy they both have for other people will eventually be the tool that, when their life gets hard, which it will at some time, will guide them through any fears they have and give them the strength to be brave.
They will, I hope to remember the reasons they have felt sad for others, how brave they have seen people be and the things they have done to help people in need and realise they can do the same.
They can fight their fears, be brave and withstand the hurricanes they face.
This week when I was with a friend who had been having a hard time with family being down and struggling with the horror of mental health problems, it hit me for the second time in a matter of a couple of weeks really, how these issues are filtered down from one generation to the next.
All the men in her family suffer from problems they can’t manage well and that has filtered to her generation of the family.
She herself has more issues than I think she would care to admit to, some which essential impact on me and filter down to hit my self esteem and my anxieties.
It’s a knock on effect, like the hurricane outside. The first place to be hit is destroyed, the second place is badly damaged and so on but it can continue along a trail of destruction for a long time.
Knocking people down like thatched roofs until the wind eventually dies out, only to then pick up somewhere else. Further away.
In this day and age, where the stigma of mental health should be gone, why are our kids not being taught in school how to process problems, worries and stress?!
It’s so much more important than teaching them about religion which as I’ve said before in my blogs, I don’t agree with.
Religion should be taught at home, or better still, be absorbed by the individual child to learn about. To make their own educated choice, their own beliefs rather than have them forced upon them in a classroom that would do better to teach them how to be well-rounded humans.
Balanced individuals.
We can teach them so many things to make them successful in business or in a work environment but they are never going to have the success they want if they can’t deal with life.
I have a mission now, a mission I will start in my own home and hopefully filter to others when I see it work.
I am going to make sure my children have the tools they needed to cope, to grow, and to be successful humans.
That will be the hurricane I start, and instead of leaving behind devastation and hurt, I hope it will rebuild the mess that’s been left behind.


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