Yours Always, Future Wife. x

Recently I wrote a post about the things I wanted from a relationship and about not wanting to settle for less than those things.
In that post, I talked about “future husband”
And recently I’ve seen a lot of people write a letter to their teenage self, giving the best advice and praise or criticism that people have for the life behind them.
With me being on a journey to try and look ahead and not backwards I thought I’d change things up and write a letter to my “future husband” and I thought I’d share it. You know, spread the word and see if he appears.
Dear Future Husband,
I thank you for loving me every day, without hesitation or judgement. I can be hard work and try your patience but I love the way you just knew how to handle my rollercoaster emotions and delicate heart, just like I always knew you would.
I have not met you yet, but I know you are handsome and kind with the biggest heart. I know you will always do the right thing by everyone you love and in turn, we all love you more than you could know.
My journey through rocky roads of broken relationships were the lessons I needed to experience so that I could be the best version of myself for you and know to appreciate everything you are. Each lesson teaching me something different about who I am and what I want I needed to change before you came changed my world.
You are the person I happily share my duvet with without trying to steal it back, without getting mad that you have half the space I need to toss and turn.
You’re the person that eats the shit meals I make you, pretending to love them when really we all know I just can’t cook.
You are the first man to wipe away the tears other people have made me cry, making every sad day that little better. You are rarely the person who makes me cry those tears because seeing me in pain causes you pain.
You are the man that I never have to try too hard not to yell at because every time you leave the toilet seat up and I get mad, you smile, a cheeky smile that no one could be mad at you for long. The one who made me believe in real life fairytales and happily ever after and that good always triumphs evil.
You’re the man who has come into my home and not only taken care of me but you have taken on my girls in the most beautiful way. You are their role model and teach them every day how a man should respect a woman. You show them that they should never accept anything less and they adore you, just as I do.
You work hard for our family and you make me the very best version of myself, pushing me to work for and achieve everything that I never believed I could. You see the things in me others haven’t been able to.
You never lose sight of how soft my heart is and you handle me as a whole, flawed person beautifully. I never fear you will stop looking after me when I need to be and am always thankful you know when to let me take charge and work things through on my own. You have been the person who sealed the cracks in my life that never healed until now.
You are the man who makes my world feel full and I am
Forever thankful that you came into my life and turned it upside down in the best possible way.
Thank you for finding me.
Yours Always
Future wife x
Maybe being picky, and having all these preconceived ideas of the person I want to make my life with is unrealistic, maybe I will find something different or better than even the things I hope for. But making do isn't an option, it doesn't bring happiness.


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