When Your Blog Takes Two Weeks To Write

Well, this week can happily do one and I’m not overly sad to see the back of it.
The third attempt now to do a write up on the amazing gift package that Schär sent out to me so apologies all round that it may not be quite as in-depth as I’d like. It honestly was better but the gods have been against me this week and twice I’ve lost the write-up.
So here goes. Quite simply I am now a customer for life.
As I’ve mentioned a few times recently it’s becoming clearer as the time goes on that my health, mental and physical is a holistic journey. A lot of the time it’s not just a journey so much as a fight.
Now that fight has ramped up a step and to add to the day to day carry on I have gallstones. Now my diet is more important than ever and Schär has now become part of this new food routine.
The box I received from Alex was so lovely. It was a proper gift and it cheered up a stressful day. Inside along with a lovely note and the recipe cards were several of their products to try. These included seeded bread, all-purpose flour, chocolate O biscuits. There were another two types of biscuit to snack on. Chocolate shorts and a lovely full covered milk chocolate luxury style biscuit. Topping the box off were waffles, (a favourite snack for all three of us, needless to say, they didn’t last any time at all.)
The only item I didn’t try was the cracker bread style snack, it’s one I’ve never been keen on after a Ryvita incident many moons ago.
Everything made a noticeable difference to my bloating, stomach aches and general sluggishness.
Not being coeliac is of Correa great but on the other hand being intolerant to anything isn’t ideal. The option in Scotland for free prescriptions does include gluten-free items for coeliac patients but you have to have that diagnosis or you don’t make the cut.
There’s no getting away from the fact that the gluten-free products and free from items in our supermarkets are pricey, or at least pricier than the things we could buy in a daily basis for a ‘normal’ diet but hands down Schar items are worth every penny.
I will be continuing to use their products and not because I feel I have to say I will. The bipolar side of my life tends to mean that my options are easily let loose and as much as I was massively grateful for a company like Schar to even entertain a nobody trying to write for therapy, I won’t say that products or experiences or people make a positive change to my life if they don’t.
You don’t have to be unkind, but being truthful is never a bad thing. It’s something we all should do more of.
Be open and truthful without being unkind or vicious in the way we present our views. In this instance I don’t need to think for a long time how to be polite while saying “sorry you’re not for me” because Schar absolutely is part of this rollercoaster journey that I am on and I’m thankful that I got the chance to try things I possibly wouldn’t have taken a chance on before.
Highly recommended for anyone looking to cut out or reduce their gluten intake.
Thank you to Alex and Schar for their kindness.


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